Program Governance

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006

Federal legislation that defines distribution and use of funds; accountability and performance measures; and reporting requirements.

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006

Perkins State Plan
Describes how the State of Arkansas will use Perkins federal funds in accordance with the Carl D. Perkins CTE Improvement Act of 2006. The State Plan has the same strength of governance as the federal legislation.

  1. PIV State Plan Original 2008
  2. State Plan Postsecondary Revision 2010 -DOC
  3. State Plan Postsecondary Revision 2011-DOC
  4. State Plan Postsecondary Revision 2012-DOC


EDGAR (Education Department General Administrative Regulations)
Rules that apply to all U.S. Department of Education programs, including application procedures, financial administration, property management, record retention, program oversight, etc.


The Uniform Guidance (2 CFR ยง 200) details requires for receiving and using federal awards.

Uniform Grant Guidance


AHESIS Manual (Arkansas Higher Education Student Information System)
Almost all data used in preparing Perkins accountability reports is submitted into AHEIS. The Perkins Annual File contains information used only by Perkins

AHEIS Manual AY 2016-17

AHEIS Manual AY 2015-16


Program Improvement Resources

Program Improvement Process
Improving Performance: A 5-Step Process
Research on Causes and Important Strategies
Nontraditional Student Career Preparation: Root Causes and Strategies

Programs of Study

Programs of Study
Programs of Study Self Assessment Tool
Rigorous Programs of Study Frameworks

Perkins V

Perkins V
Perkins Reauthorization is pending Congressional action. Details will be provided here as they become available.



CCSS-CTE_ Bridging the Divide
Expanding Opportunities
Forecasting Demand for High School Through Jobs
Help Wanted
Learning for Jobs
Pathways to Prosperity
Reinventing the American High School
RPOS Frameworks
Tough Choices Exec Summary
Up to the Challenge